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  • How To Make Your Treadmill Runs More Effective?

    If you have any experience in the fitness industry then you were into Muscles and Fitness, isn;t it? Once you get out of the GYM, then you will feel fit for a month, but your body gets back to normal state, which is the downside of the person, who has left the GYM for such a long time.

    You should not let yourself go, and we understand that you have few professional commitments, where you cannot say “NO” to your job and pursue the bodybuilding. However, what you can do if to spare half hour a day and spend that precious time in working out.

    Staying fit has several benefits, which come in handy in your professional life and it will also give you the boost to your career because you will be able to remain active, while another collapse. You will be able to stay fit, bold and also spend extra hours without stress.

    How about using a Treadmill for your regular workout? You can make the most of half hour workout.

    Loosen Your Body

    Many newbies consider Treadmill as a beginner fitness machine, but that does mean that you should avoid spending few minutes on warming up. A warm up gives your body a good start, which will help you in the smooth and efficient start.

    Hand Rails

    Are you holding the hand rails during the workout? You are slowing down the process of burning fat. Remember, the exercise is based on the Jogging or Running, which means there is nothing to give you the support while you are jogging outside. You have to make sure that you are holding the side rails, ensure you are doing the same thing during incline workout.

    ARM Movements

    When you are on the intense level, then 80% of your focus is on the reaching the end of it, but during that period you are making your efforts go in vain. I wouldn’t say that it does not have any positive impact on your body but if you pay attention then swinging your arms is a downside. Do not swing your ARMS during an intense workout.

    No Smartphones

    It does not matter, which industry you are in because smartphones distract you. According to the professional trainer, those who keep their smartphone in the pocket usually end up Texting, Replying, Calls and more, which decreases the workout results.

    One Inch Distance Between Display Console

    An Unnatural posture can be seen when you run on a Treadmill. Staying close to the display usually shortens the results. You don’t have to stay close to the Treadmill because you can clip the Emergency Strip shut down to your cloth. You can maintain the distance and also shut down when you fall off from the Treadmill.


    There is no secret ingredient in improving the results, but small changes can have significant variations in the results. Even if you burn 50 calories extra by changing few habits is better, isn’t it? Let us know your advice and ideas in the comments below.…

  • How to Install Clockworkmod on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch Latest

    This is the latest method to install clockworkmod on the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. You MUST be rooted first. Any questions, please ask. How to root: Files: Blog: Facebook Twitter: Google Plus: ACS Site: If youd like to donate, please click here All donations go to my college fund and will be greatly appreciated Every little bit helps!
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    FAQ Session from Android VS iOS Series. **FAQ** 1. What was the security app you used on Android? Cerberus 2. How did you send the webpage from your browser to your phone? Chrome to Phone 3. What app did you use for the pull down notification power buttons? Widgetsoid 4. What screen protector did you use? Zagg, and I took it off because it sucked! If you havent seen Part 1 please see it first. An in depth video series on how things are much easier to do on Android compared to the iPhone or iPad. Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see. Part 1: Part 2: Part 4: Part 5: **BONUS FAQ Video** To get the latest on my work follow me on G+ **Google+**

  • Jobs Migrate to the Cloud and Generate Employment

    CodeFab’s annual not-for-profit mobile “hackathon,” Mobile DevCamp, will take place in New York City on April 27 to April 29, and this year, the conference’s focus is on cloud computing, last year’s biggest contributor to jobs in the technology sector in New York City.

    Developers hacking away at CodeFabs annual Mobile DevCamp, which gives participants an opportunity to create applications and software for prizes. Photo by Gillis Cone.Cloud computing, which remotely delivers services from “the cloud” via a network to servers, desktops, tablets, phones and laptops, will generate more than 60,000 jobs in New York in 2012, and will account for 17 percent of job growth in the city’s technology sector, according to a March report by the International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC is a research firm that provides information on market intelligence and advisory services for information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. Thanks to the heavy concentration of jobs in industries such as banking, communications, securities and professional services, New York City will be the largest beneficiary of cloud computing among the biggest metropolitan areas. As Crains New York noted, Microsoft sponsored the IDC white paper and is moving aggressively into cloud computing services.

    Although the New York workforce makes up only 6 percent of the total United States’ workforce, it will account for more than 9 percent of the cloud computing generated jobs in the U.S. in 2012.

    Cloud computing provides increased efficiency to businesses by allowing them to invest in assets that will help increase revenue, said Gene Buckley, specialists team unit director for Microsoft in New York City. Jobs are created in sales and operations that contribute to the bottom line.

    Cloud computing allows companies to free up resources that can be invested elsewhere and leads to innovation and job growth. The report boldly projects that by 2015, cloud computing will create 14 million jobs worldwide, 1.17 million of which will be created in North America, and close to $1.1 trillion in new business revenue.

    Cloud computing is in its infancy, said Buckley, and we expect to see a tremendous evolution in how consumers interact with their devices.

    Microsoft sponsored the International Data Corporations study on cloud computing, which projects that 14 million jobs will be created as a result of the technology, 1.17 of which will be in North America.
    Other cloud providers, including Amazon, Google and AT&T, are also looking to persuade businesses to stop investing in implementing and managing their own data centers, and to instead utilize capacity provided by cloud computing servicers.

    That is because cloud computing enables companies to access stored data, which runs via a network from a provider’s servers, so that companies do not have to run apps on their systems, making the process of accessing shared data and multi-tasking faster and simpler. Programs that run on the cloud do not require a technical team for maintenance or constant upgrades, which means companies can save money and operate more efficiently.

    Businesses have been able to get projects up and running in less time thanks to cloud computing, which cuts the often tedious process of implementing new data systems down to a couple of days. As a result, more businesses are utilizing cloud computing to access and deliver services such as health records, product development and design, logistics and billing, faster and more effectively.

    Cloud computing delivers services from “the cloud” via a network to servers, desktops, tablets, phones and laptops. Individual consumers can also access personal files, such as photos, documents and music. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Maintec.

    Companies are also using cloud computing to deliver their services to individual customers. In addition to providing access to personal files, such as photos, documents and music, consumers can access apps on the cloud for better quality games on their computers, tablets or smartphone devices. Through cloud gaming, a device’s specifications do not affect the graphics, as the picture quality is delivered via the cloud, which players can access anywhere and anytime.

    “We have reached a point where the world of the cloud has become an important component of everyone’s personal, computing and digital life,” said Alex Cone, spokesperson for CodeFab and keynote speaker at this year’s Mobile DevCamp. “Up to this point, you were tied contextually to a desktop computer somewhere. Nowadays, the cloud makes it easy to access anything, including business documents or photos, from any device.”

    A June 2011 survey conducted by Avanade, a business technology consulting firm created by Microsoft and Accenture, claims that 74 percent of businesses globally are using some aspect of cloud computing, a 25 percent increase since Avanade’s last survey in 2009.

    The conference brings developers together to discover and create new uses for technology. Photo by Gillis Cone.
    Mobile DevCamp 2012, which will take place this weekend at 60 Reade Loft located at 60 Reade Street, gives technology enthusiasts the opportunity to create applications using cloud computing technology, and to win prizes for their apps in an Iron Chef-style competition.

    From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, groups will participate in “hack like mad” festivities, creating software that utilizes cloud technology. The goal is to reinvent the way consumers use the cloud, and the group with the best in-house-developed application will win Apple iPad 3s.

    “The goal is to have everyone get together and spend a weekend writing software and using technology,” said Cone. “We want people to discover new ways to use the cloud.”
    If you’re a developer interested in attending this year’s Mobile DevCamp, check out Mobile DevCamp NYC 2012 (use the code WNET 13 for a 20 percent discount on the $50 admission for the weekend).

    Its spectacular what people will come up with in a couple of days, said Cone.…

  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 vs Apple iPad 2

    Here we  presents a brief comparison of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and Apple iPad 2. With summer in full swing and many people taking some much-needed vacations, tablets are increasingly becoming the gadget of choice to carry along on those trips away from home. Obviously, theyre much more portable than most traditional laptops, but even more, theyve evolved tremendously to offer an experience thats adaptive to our ever-growing needs. Although they share many physical characteristics with their designs, both the Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are seemingly For more details, check out our full comparison:
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  • Android An iOS Killer My Honest Opinion

    When I previously visited Android, I was very inexperienced and I tested a very powerful mobile operating system on some low end hardware. Not the greatest thing in my career as a journalist. I was offered by Samsung and Clove to take a look at two Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Mini running Android 2.2 while Clove Technology offered me the new Motorola DEFY plus to take a look at. The first device to arrive was the Galaxy Mini, right after the unboxing I turned the device on and I instantly knew the jump from 2.1 eclair to 2.2 equaled to a better experience, if 2.1 to 2.2 was good, I was eager to get my paws into Android 2.3 code named Gingerbread, tasty! Gingerbread has totally changed my opinion after just a day of usage, man do I owe Android an apology. Android hasnt always done it for me as I mention in the video but things change. I love Android, Its impressing me so much that I dont want to give the DEFY Plus back. I will definitely purchase myself an Android device as soon as I can afford one. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Click Like and Add to Favorites if you like this video! =-=-=-= ★ What is TGN? ★ TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud! http ★ How do I get more views on YouTube? TGN shares how they grew from 0-10 million views in 5 months in this YouTube handbook! Android An iOS Killer My Honest Opinion Android An iOS Killer My Honest Opinion Android An iOS Killer My Honest Opinion Android An iOS

  • Apple iPad 3 Official Video

    Pre-order the new iPad 3 now!: I do not own this video. All copyright and ownership is strictly of Apple Inc. Pick up the new iPad and suddenly, its clear. Youre actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. To make that hands-on experience even better, we made the fundamental elements of iPad better — the display, the camera, the wireless connection. All of which makes the new, third-generation iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined. our times more pixels than iPad 2. Razor-sharp text. Richer colors. The Retina display transforms the entire iPad experience. So everything looks and feels incredibly lifelike and perfectly detailed. The A5X chip with quad-core graphics drives four times the pixels of iPad 2 yet it delivers the same smoothness and fluidity iPad is known for. Even with all that extra oomph, the new iPad still gets an amazing 10 hours of battery life.
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